DIY Mini Top hat! ðŸŽ©ðŸ˜€

This is a really cool thing to do when you are bored. You can even attach a little elastic string to it, and make it for your pet! For this post I’m going to have help from my good friend Samantha. She OK lets do this!


1 ruler

1 sheet of white cardstock

1 pencil

hot glue gun (we used an Elmer’s glue stick)



Step 1 

Draw out a strip of the paper. You can use the ruler for this.


Step 2

Cut the strip of paper you just created in step 1.



Step 3

Roll strip of paper until you reach the desired size. Cut excess paper off. (keep it though) Then glue the rest of the strip that you rolled. 


Step 4

Next, your going to need to grab your scrap paper, and make two circles. They should both be a little bigger than the rolled paper cylinder. 

Step 5

Next, glue the two circles to the top and the bottom. Cut the rest of the paper that is left , off, and leave the bottom one as is. So the top circle should fit the cylinder perfectly, and the bottom one should be a little bigger. Then you are done! Please like this. Bye and have fun with your new paper top hat!!







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