My Awesome Pets!

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, I just wanted to give a shout out to my awesome pets! I have two dogs and one fish.


Mocha is a really bossy dog, she likes to punk her brother around which is so rude, but whatever. I mean she’s cute and all, but man she likes to fight. She’s black with a little bit of beige and brown, like a German Shepard. Ok, let’s just say a German Shepard- pit-bull mix.


Latte is Mocha’s brother and looks almost exactly the same. He is super cute and really, much nicer than Mocha. But they still fight though.


My last pet is my pet goldfish, I bought him at the fair for $7 bucks. That’s kind of a lot for a goldfish but don’t judge me. He’s been living for about 3 months now so that is a great accomplishment. To me anyway.

So those are my pets! Here is a picture of mocha when she was a puppy:


Bye and thank you!

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